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Goethe's classic in a new shape: rocktheatre!
In "Faust'N'Roll" Sabrina once again plays not only Gretchen, but also the witch this time, together with director, choreograph and colleague Christian Venzke under musical supervision of Jimmy Gee.
Premiere on November 3rd 2023 - Tickets and more information here!

A young couple before getting married: he is the stereotypical hobby-handyman - she didn't tell him she hates it sincerely. Now he ordered the wedding gift registry in his favourite hardware store, signed her in on "Ladies night" - and the drama begins. Cringy customers, a funny salesmen-couple and three ladies with highly different ambitions encounter each other in a rapid story rich on punchlines and music (Benedikt Eichhorn), that is just uplifting.
Sabrina plays bride Julia. Opening night on June 10th 2023, Haus der KĂĽnste, Frankfurt (Oder).
Book by Michael Frowin, directed by Daniel Heinz, musical direction by Tilman Hintze.

More info & tickets here!


After Sabrina left the permanent ensemble of Theater Plauen-Zwickau by the end of the season 21/22 to continue as a freelancer, new general manager Dirk Loeschner was able to hire Sabrina for his opening production "The Last Ship" - a musical by Sting -, in which he will be directing.
Sabrina plays one of the main characters: 16 year old Ellen Dawson, who sees her future as a singer/songwriter in London, rather than in her hometown Wallsend, a poor deckhand-city in the north of UK. Unexpectedly she meets her father, who makes her question her decision to leave home anew.

Opening night will be october 8th 2022 at Vogtlandtheater Plauen, and on october 22nd 2022 at Gewandhaus Zwickau.
More information, tickets and dates here!

This year Theatre Plauen-Zwickau is hosting the 11th Saxonian festival of theatre. Management and ensemble supervises theatres coming from all parts of Saxony, i.e. Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Schauspiel Leipzig, the German-Sorbian Theatre Bautzen and many more, who are contributing with selected pieces. On the final day one of the participants will be chosen to win the Saxonian theatre-award.

More information& tickets here!

After a long time of waiting, Theater Plauen-Zwickau can finally open it's doors again, which they will do with a piece named "On Ice" by Petra Wuellenweber. Sabrina is playing Svenja, a teenager, who has to watch the downfall of her closest friends and even the relationship to her brother, due to the hard drug crystal meth.
Direction & design by Franziska Ritter. 

Further information, dates and tickets here!

Shakespeare's tragic comedy celebrates it's opening night on Octobre 2021 at Theater Plauen-Zwickau with Sabrina as Mariana. Under the direction of Roland May, accompagnied with costumes and stage design by Oliver Kostecka, she tries desperately to get back her husband, that she is not yet married to because of his very different feelings and moral compass. 
Tickets & more information here!

Finally! "Rock Of Ages", which should have had it's opening last summer already, can now celebrate the premiere on stage of Parktheater Plauen.
Sabrina is playing Sherrie, a young country girl, who seeks to fulfill her dreams moving to Los Angeles, where she has to face some harsh truths on her way to a possible happy future.
Directed by Holger Hauer, musical direction by Stefan Wurz.

More infos & tickets here!

Despite the current situation in the Corona-crisis, Theater Plauen-Zwickau is able to present its first opening night of the season on Oct. 9th 2020 on Kleine Buehne with the drama "Woyzeck" by Buechner. 
Sabrina is seen in the role of Margret, who is suffering not only on pointe shoes...

Further dates & information here!

Due to the measures having taken against COVID-19, Theater Plauen-Zwickau had to close the gates on March 18th 2020 and postpone the premiere of "On Ice", that would have taken place on March 19th, into the next season. 
The same decision had to be made for the annual open-air musical production, that would have been "Rock of Ages", in which Sabrina would have played the female main role.
Up from July 4th the open air stages in Plauen and Zwickau will be used within the limits of new hygienic standards.
Before the start of the summer holidays on 7/19, Sabrina will be live on stage with rock, pop & orchestra in:


"Classics under stars", July 4th - 8pm on FreilichtbĂĽhne am Schwanenteich in Zwickau

"Summer-Gala", July 10th/11th - 8pm at Parktheater Plauen

"Ein himmelblauer Trabant" - July 16th/17th/18th - 8pm at Malzhaus Plauen

Directed by Alice Asper, Sabrina embodies the part of the miller's daughter, who has to spin straw to gold, in the annual christmas play at Vogtlandtheater. Grimm's classic gained a modern touch on basis of the director's words and the dĂ©cor by Thurid Goertz, that manages to ask common questions of society through clear structures with fresh dialogues.
It is played from december 1st 2019 until december 24th in Vogtlandtheater Plauen and will be reopened at Gewandhaus in Zwickau in 2020.
Further information and tickets here!

Sabrina Pankrath's first premiere at Theater Plauen-Zwickau is a scenic recital about the GDR in fall 1989: three young friends are longing for change and authenticity. In a small flat in the backyard they get together to celebrate, hang out and talk about their desires. At the same time they live through the political revolution 30 years ago in a time lapse. Music and thoughts are put together and being reflected in a playful way.
director: Roland May

Premiere on October 3rd 2019 at 7.30pm in Vogtlandtheater
Further dates and infos here!

After four seasons at Uckermaerkische Buehnen Schwedt Sabrina Pankrath will change into the ensemble of Theater Plauen-Zwickau in Saxony by season 19/20.
It is a historical theatre with four divions: ballet, musical theatre, orchestra and acting.
To find out more about the place and upcoming projects, click here!

Summer season at Uckermaerkische Buehnen Schwedt!
With "Shrek", directed by Lars Franke, they put on a piece, that is a hit on Broadway and in the modern musical repertoire.
The grouchy ogre known from the movies just wants peace and quiet, until a bunch of legendary creatures pulls him out of his comfort zone. To get his swamp back for himself alone, he has to rescue a princess, who is not what she seems to be...
Along with pertly Pinocchio, Sabrina Pankrath plays young Fiona and an inhabitant of the city of Duloc.

Premiere is on June 8th 2019, 8pm on Odertalbuehne
Last show on July 20th 2019

For further information click here!

Joe Keller (Uwe Heinrich) earned good money with his company during the second world war. They delivered defective components to the airforce and thereby precipitated the death of 21 pilots, for which his business partner was sent to prison. Still, not everyone involved took responsibility for what happened, so due to familial entanglements truth is about to be revealed.
Playing Sue Bayliss, the neighbour, Sabrina Pankrath helps the audience to put the puzzle pieces together and get an image of the everyday life in America in the 1950ies, where everyone deals with the aftermaths of war in their own way.

Premiere on 03/15/2019 in Intimes Theater at Uckermaerkischen Buehnen Schwedt

director: Tilo Esche, music: Enno Seifried

The annual fairytale this year is a russian classic written by Jewgeni Schwarz, lovingly designed by Frauke Bischinger, underlayed with music by Matthias Manz, under the direction of Daniel Heinz.

Sabrina Pankrath is playing 13 year old Iwanuschka, who is searching for his two brothers, who were hexed into trees by the evil witch Babajaga, and for his mother, who also left long time ago to search for her boys.
Along his way he meets some special inhabitants of the forest, who help him give this story a happy ending and reunite the family.

A wonderful adventure for the whole family, up from 4 years!


More infos & all dates here

and under 0049 3332 - 538 111

Now is the moment: Sabrina Pankrath officially takes over the role of Susanne, a dedicated journalist, in the crime-diner-show "Der Dolch der Hohenzollern", that has been played by her colleague Alexandra-Maria Heinrich on the premiere and the first few shows.
The last goods of the great family of Hohenzollern sold by an auction - of course not without any problems rising up!

Further dates here

Sabrina is back!
Due to medical reasons the premiere of "Der Dolch der Hohenzollern" had to take place without her - from 10/25 she will replace her colleague Alexandra-Maria Heinrich again, who stepped in for her.

After a very restorative theatre vacation, the rehearsals for the opener of the new season 18/19 began: "TAMARA" - a musical about the deceased frontsinger Tamara Danz of the successful DDR-rockband "Silly". 
Sabrina plays a romanian vampirette on substitute drugs - Draculina. The ones who have to stop short about this, are warmly welcome to see the show! Everyone else too, of course.
Premiere is on September 29th in the main hall at UBS and already sold out!

Further dates and infos as usual under www.theater-schwedt.de or under 0049 3332 - 538 111

Also this year right on time at Easter we'll get our beloved "Faust" I + II back on stage and may breathe new life into well-known characters. That being said, Sabrina will resurrect Margarete (and other roles) for some few special dates.
Further information on www.theater-schwedt.de

Subsequently Sabrina starts reharsing for the new production and crime diner show "Der Dolch der Hohenzollern", written by Urban Luig, under direction of Frank Voigtmann, where she will play a young engaged reporter.
World premiere on May 12th 2018 at Uckermaerkische Buehnen Schwedt

This year begins with a new challenge for Sabrina: a play that is drafted for classrooms. High school students experience the story of Anna, an anorexic girl, that tells the story of her dreams and her everyday life with the desease. An intensive 45 minute monologue, that is interesting not only for young people.

Dates, tickets and booking under 0049 3332 - 538 111!

I wish you all a wonderful happy new year with lots of love, luck and happiness!
Sincerely, Sabrina :)

The annual fairy tale at UBS this year is a story from Wilhelm Hauff about a little boy, learning his lessons for life, while making some interesting acquaintances. Some of them are played by Sabrina: the cat from the old witch, the neighbour and the nice maiden Rosa.

Premiere is on November 22nd 2017 at UBS.
Dates and tickets here!

"The true story of Red Riding Hood and her wolf" in the version of the successful creative team Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund narrates adorably the obstacles of growing up and mimics ironically our society. Under the direction and choreography of US-American and professor of the University of Arts Berlin Neva Howard, I play, sing and dance as a modern Red Riding Hood on the big stage of the Uckermaerkische Buehnen.
Premiere is on September 30th 2017 at 7.30pm!
Further dates and information here and under 0049 3332/538-111

I may proudly announce, that I won the Oscar of the Uckermark for best actress in season 16/17!
Through votes of the audience and the choice of a jury the price was distributed for best actor and best actress in the ensemble of the Uckermaerkische Buehnen Schwedt. I'm more than happy about this honor and I also congratulate my colleague Michael Kuczynski for winning this price with me.
Thank you all for your support!

The boy, who never wants to be grown-up, finally conquers our outdoor stage. Under the direction of Daniel Heinz with texts inspired by the original script of James Matthew Barrie, I play Wendy Darling and take the audience on the journey to Neverland - and back...
Premiere is on 4th of June 2017, 3pm at the Odertalbuehne.
Further dates and information here and under 0049 3332/538-111

A highlight of this season at Uckermärkische Bühnen is definitely Goethe's "Faust", that wants to conquer hearts again by a completely new direction and cast after 20 years of playing this piece and a one-year break of it.
Professor Olaf Hilliger dares to direct both parts of the tragedy within 3 and a half hours along with only eight actors and six dancers.
Sabrina plays Margarete in the first part, Homunkulus, Marschalk, ChorfĂĽhrerin and Sorge in the second part.
Choreography by Krzsystzof Gmiter, musical orchestration by Olaf Hilliger and Tilman Hintze.

Premiere is on April 8th 2017 at 7.30pm! 

Further dates:
"Schwedt.Oder:Faust" (easter-special), 04/15, 1.00pm
04/26, 10.30am
04/27, 10.30am
04/28, 10.30am (only first part)
04/29, 7.30pm

Tickets under 0049 3332 - 538111

To start the second half of the season there's a completely new program at UBS: "Machbar", a theatre-late-night-show!
Oriented by german comedians such as Harald Schmidt, Goetz Alsmann and Jan Boehmermann, you'll finally have the late-night tv program on a theatre stage, presented by Daniel Heinz.
On top without rehearsing - that's the motto of these shows, because it's inventing itself anew by each and every show. That's why there's only one per month.
Private talks with different colleagues, live cooking with and by Gerd Opitz and also artistic contributions mustn't be missing - even interactive optionally. 
Don't hesitate and let yourself be surprised...

02/08 - 7.30pm
03/16 - 7.30pm


And of course there's our annual christmas revue at UBS and my last show for this year. This time with special guest Ella Endlich and many others!

12/8 - 3.00pm
12/9 - 3.00pm, 7.30pm
12/10 - 7.30pm
12/11 - 3.00pm

Tickets under 0049-3332-538-111

It's the year 2066 - 50 years later. The Uckermärkische Bühnen has been altered to a nursing home for the last remaining actors, who are cared for by a nurse and who are using their remaining energy to rebelliously revive their past times - when no one is watching.
The popular and often played piece from Erik Gedeon has finally found it's way to the wonderful Uckermark under the direction of Andre Nicke and the musical direction of Guido Raschke.
The premiere is on November 25th 2016, 7.30pm, at Kleiner Saal of The Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt.

More dates and information here!
Tickets under: 0049 / 3332 - 538 111

On 11/12/16 Sabrinas band Scaramouche will celebrate their new album "Feuermuse" along with the release of their first official music video to "The March of The Amazons" with a concert at Maze Club Berlin, 8pm.

Entry 5 €

After long and intensive rehearsing under the direction of Jörg Steinberg UBS are finally presenting the premiere of "Baumeister Solness" by Henrik Ibsen on 22nd and 23rd September 2016.
The grand architect Halvard Solness (Uwe Heinrich) is going to face the biggest decision of his lifetime when meeting Sabrina Pankrath in the role of the young Hilde Wangel.

7.30pm in Intimes Theater at the UBS
Tickets here or on 0049-3332/538 111!

The X. Theatre festival of the countries Sachsen-Anhalt and Brandenburg, presented by Deutscher Buehnenverein Landesverband Ost, hosted by Uckermaerkische Buehnen Schwedt

Themed "with light luggage" there'll be contributions from several different theatres, such as Neue Buehne Senftenberg, Staatstheater Cottbus, Hans Otto Theater Potsdam, and many more, for 48h nonstop!

For more information and the playing schedule, click here.

I will participate in:

16.09., 05.30am  Lesemarathon
17.09., 01.30am  Ein Herz und eine Seele - der Sittenstrolch
17.09., 05.00pm  Endstation Sehnsucht (A Streetcar Named Desire)

Tickets here!

This year's new piece in youth theatre is all about the final school exams.
Sabrina - in the role of Isa Neumann - is searching together with her friends Henri (Fabian Ranglack) and Sonntag (Michael Kuczsynski) for Falk and the right answer to the most important question: doing it or not doing it?

Premiere on May 19th, 6pm in Intimes Theater.

Following dates:

May - 20th (10.30am, 7.30pm), 23rd (5pm), 24th (10.30am, 5pm), 25th (10.30am)
July - 5th (10.30am), 6th (10.30am), 7th (10.30am)

The Uckermärkische Bühnen are celebrating their premiere of the classic "A Streetcar Named Desire" from Tennessee Williams on coming friday, 03/18/2016, under the direction of Olaf Hilliger.
Sabrina is playing the tough sister Stella of the escapist dreamer Blanche, who is searching for shelter and hope in her last relative.
Only a few dates until summer break!
Tickets here

With great success the Uckermärkischen Bühnen played themselves into the hearts of the audience last year by the adaptation for theatre of the well-known series "Ein Herz und eine Seele" (Part 1: Der Silvesterpunsch).
In the second part - "Der Sittenstrolch" - Sabrina plays the neighbor's daughter Ruth, helping to bring "Ekel Alfred" down to earth.

Premiere is on the 5th of February 2016 in the Theaterklause at 7.30pm - ticket requests here!

Now this year is nearly over and of course I wish for everyone a blissfully merry christmas and a joyful new year 2016!
On December 26th I suffered from Peter's "cold heart" for the very last time and the new year's eve will be spend in the lovely "Sonnenallee".
There's a good year passing by for me and an even more exciting one waiting for me for sure. I just reveal that much: a desire as huge as a street-car... ;)
Bye for now and take care,

This year's annual bilingual fairy-tale production (german-polish) at the Uckermärkische Bühnen will be "Das kalte Herz" / "Zimne Serce",
according to the book of Monika Radl, directed by Sonja Hilberger.

Sabrina will play the good soul of the piece, the girlfriend of Peter Munck and therefore the female main role - Lizzy.

Premiere is at the 25th of November 2015, further dates here!

Finally there is the first premiere for Sabrina at the Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt on 3rd October 2015:
after L. HauĂźmann and T. Brussig, directed by Reinhard Simon.

Next to the singer, dancer and comedian BĂĽrger Lars Dietrich in the main role of "Micha", she plays his sister, tattletale Regina and Miriam's little brother.

Further dates here and in the news section!

Starting in September 2015 Sabrina will be working as an actress, singer and dancer in the permanent ensemble of the Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt.

The rehearsals for her first production there - "Sonnenallee", after the same titled movie - already begin in July.

Premiere is on October 3rd 2015

For more information visit: 


The Premiere of "Giulio Cesare in Egitto" at the Komische Oper Berlin took place on May 31st 2015, where Sabrina plays one of the doubles of Cleopatra.

More dates as follows:

6th, 11th, 14th an 27th of June
4th and 9th of July

Resumption in September.
Tickets here!

As mentioned earlier, Sabrina's band "Scaramouche" is focusing on an acoustic program this summer - along with high quality sound in selected churches.

Upcoming dates:

May 5th 2015, 2 pm, Martin-Luther Kirche, Berlin-Neukölln

May 31st 2015, 2 pm, Heilig-Kreuz Kirche, Berlin-Kreuzberg

June 22nd 2015, 7 pm, Martin-Luther Kirche, Berlin Neukölln

Entry is free on every concert, donations are welcome!

Since March 2015 the band enlarged their repertoire by an acoustic-set for paying more attention to the three-parted singing and the accompaniment by acoustic guitar and piano, while bass and drums take a back seat. In this constellation there are several concerts throughout Germany, at last in Hamburg and Bayreuth.

Read more: Latest News from Scaramouche

Sabrina will be seen as a double of Kleopatra in the new production of "Giulio Cesare in Egitto", directed by Lydia Steier at the Komische Oper in Berlin.

All further information about the show and tickets on this site!

This year is staying tropical:
"Das Dschungelbuch" is touring in Germany - still with Sabrina as Mogli.

Every station in 2015 at a glance:
January 10th, Stadthalle Gersthofen
January 11th, Congress Forum Frankenthal
February 28th - March 22nd, Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart
... further dates planned in July in Hanover.

Stay tuned!

Sabrina Pankrath as Mogli in Junglebook in Berlin

Currently you can see Sabrina playing the leading part in "Das Dschungelbuch" (The Jungle Book) by R. Kipling in Theater am KurfĂĽrstendamm in Berlin.

Directed by Christian Berg, music composed by Konstantin Wecker.


The show is running from November 29th - December 28th 2014.
Tickets available here.

Scaramouche made it to the Finals at the BBU-Contest.

See them on December 13th 2014 at Klub Linse, Berlin, open doors at 6pm - Tickets between 7-10€.

Last chance this year. Save the date!


Go to see the pictures of the previous events of BBU Contest with Scaramouche 2014 here.


Sabrina Pankrath Model Hairforce Calendar 2015

Sabrina as a model for the month October in the latest Hairforce Calendar.


Get it here at www.hairforcekalender.de.



Who or what exactly is this "Scaramouche" anyway?

Don't have a clue?


Watch this:





Today Sabrina is on stage again with "The Rotosonix" as a guest singer - this time in the Columbiahall, Berlin, in line with the Heartbreaker Festival.
Finest 60's & 70's Rock - cover and own compositions.
Stagetime from 6pm!