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Sabrina is back!
Due to medical reasons the premiere of "Der Dolch der Hohenzollern" had to take place without her - from 10/25 she will replace her colleague Alexandra-Maria Heinrich again, who stepped in for her.

After a very restorative theatre vacation, the rehearsals for the opener of the new season 18/19 began: "TAMARA" - a musical about the deceased frontsinger Tamara Danz of the successful DDR-rockband "Silly". 
Sabrina plays a romanian vampirette on substitute drugs - Draculina. The ones who have to stop short about this, are warmly welcome to see the show! Everyone else too, of course.
Premiere is on September 29th in the main hall at UBS and already sold out!

Further dates and infos as usual under www.theater-schwedt.de or under 0049 3332 - 538 111