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Since March 2015 the band enlarged their repertoire by an acoustic-set for paying more attention to the three-parted singing and the accompaniment by acoustic guitar and piano, while bass and drums take a back seat. In this constellation there are several concerts throughout Germany, at last in Hamburg and Bayreuth.

But of course it's going on amplified electronically, too! Also in March this year there was the shooting programme for the music video - coming soon - with live recordings of the latest songs, involving the introduction of the two new band members on drums and bass.

On April 25th Scaramouche will perform non-competetive at the finals of the Berlin Bands United Contest as the headliner, and also on June 21st at the Fête de la Musique in Berlin there will be loads of Rock#n#Roll!

For any further and the latest information stay tuned here!